Morada Way Clay


We are currently closed while we wait for the new garage door to be installed.  Sorry everyone but its just too hot inside most days.  You may still find us open by chance until then.

Morada Way Clay is the place for pottery and ceramic art in the Florida Keys with a gallery featuring ceramics by local artists as well as classes, art events, and affordable studio space. Release your inner artist in our friendly, fun and creative environment!


As Islamorada’s pottery and ceramic arts center, our mission is to provide for the study, advancement and celebration of clay.  Our ceramics studio is equipped with two electric kilns and a gas-fired raku kiln plus slab roller, extruder and four wheels.

Artists of all ages and abilities welcome!

Classes and Workshops

Sorry everyone but no classes until the new door is working….

Studio Use

To arrange studio usage, call 305-900-9023 or email

Open Studio 1 visit:  $40 for one day studio access, includes use of studio equipment.  Clay and glazes are available for purchase.  Previous clay experience required, no instruction given.  If a return visit is needed for glazing you must pay for another open studio visit.  Available during business hours.

Morada Way Clay Studio Artist

$200/month and includes 24 hour access to the studio. This is a month-to-month rental, previous clay experience is required. Access to the studio and use of studio wheels, extruder, slab roller and tools  when not being used by classes and a 2X4 foot shelf space.  Materials and firings are available at a discounted price.
Studio members should anticipate costs for clay, glazes and firing fees.

Members are given a 25% discount on classes and workshops.

P.O.P. – Paint Our Pottery

Spend a few enjoyable hours in our studio painting a piece of pottery made right here in Islamorada at Morada Way Clay.  First choose a piece of pottery, the price includes use of a variety of glazes that, once fired, will make the pieces microwavable and dishwasher safe. The piece then needs to be fired and it can be up to a week before it is ready for pick up.  Pieces can be mailed through the Art Box.

Create a Class

Call us if you have a group of 4 or more (children and or adults) and we will personalize a class for you.  For 4-6 people cost is $40 each, and 7-10 people is $35 each.  Classes include 1.5 hours of instruction, up to 5lbs of clay per person and bisque firing.  Groups may want to schedule a second class to glaze their projects, pay to use the POP (Paint Our Pottery) glazes or pay an additional $10 per person to have our staff apply one glaze to each piece.  Pieces will be ready to glaze after they have dried and been bisque fired which usually takes 1 week.

Have Your Work Fired

A small kiln (17in. x 24in.) cone 04-06 firing is $40, and a cone 6 firing is $50 individual pieces are charged $2 – $10 depending on size and shape. Raku firing is available during our raku fridays, 2-3 small to medium sized bisqued pieces or 1 large bisqued piece for $20 and includes use of studio raku glazes.

Registration and Policies

To Register:  Call 305-900-9023 or come into Morada Way Clay during business hours.  Please call with any questions about a particular class before you sign up. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Payment of full tuition reserves your space in the class.


Full tuition refunds will be issued if a class or workshop is canceled by MWC.

If a student drops a class at least 7 days before the start of a class session or workshop, or 14 days before an advanced workshop, tuition will be refunded less a non refundable 25% deposit.


No refunds will be given for missed classes. No refunds will be given for monthly communal rent.

Makeup Classes:

If a class is cancelled due to weather or other variables, a makeup class will be scheduled.

If a student is unable to attend a class, MWC is not responsible for providing a makeup class.