Third Thursday ArtWalks are held every month throughout the year, offering attendee’s exposure from all over South Florida, live music in different locations, performance artists and community8 ft banner.cdr fun.

ArtWalk_201507wThis monthly event has become a focal point of HorzKWmovement bringing cultural awareness to the Upper Keys.

As the Art District’s business partners remain open during these Thursday evenings, this indoor/outdoor street festival has become the talk of the Keys, drawing upwards of 1,000 people each month. The crowds stroll through the Art District, which spans one-half mile of the Old Highway between the historical 1935 Hurricane Monument and the iconic Green Turtle Inn and includes the intersecting street now known as Morada Way.

The artists and the gallery owners thrive with the involvement of the Morada Way Arts & Cultural District. And those who do not have studio or gallery space in the Art District use Art Walks, exhibits and classroom teaching to increase their exposure and their collectors.

Artists interested in registering for a booth at a Third Thursday ArtWalk must register online here.


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